Articles by Sarah Robinson

How Halakhah Solves the Agunah Crisis

On a chilly October evening we rallied outside the home of Albert Srour yelling, “Albert Srour: give your wife a get!” and “Albert Srour: stop the abuse!” ORA (The Organization for the Resolution of Agunot) organized the rally in hopes that that our hollering (or the neighbor’s ... Read more →

Exploring the Connection Between Yitzchak and Shimshon

Do Yitzchak and Shimshon have anything to do with each other? [i] At first glance one would surely think not, considering that the two live several hundred years apart and that their life paths are  polar opposites. Yitzchak lives before the Jewish Nation existed. He leads a fairly quiet life ... Read more →

Putting Magic in its Place: Appreciating Contextual Differences

Moses’ farewell speech in Deuteronomy functioned as a “last lecture,” recounting forty years of history and laws to the generation imminently entering the Land of Israel. Thus, we as readers should anticipate the rehashing of laws that once appeared in earlier books of the Bible. Does ... Read more →

Patriarchs and Sacrifices: The Philosophical Backing to Prayer

Prayer is a core foundation to Jewish existence. Thrice daily, individual Jews bind into a community, praying for the most basic, profound, and dear aspects of life. But why is Jewish law so particularistic about when prayer can be said? Why are the laws pertaining to prayer so rigid, even ... Read more →