Issue 7.P: K’ol ha-Mevaser

Purim 5774: K’ol Ha-Mevaser

From the desk of the Chief Procrastinator: Enough With all the Thinking Already!

K’ol ha-Mevaser was established years ago as the official Jewish thought journal of the Yeshiva University undergraduate student body. For years we have faithfully done our utmost to meet this lofty calling and publish articles which provoke the crania of our captivated and often ... Read more →

A Match Made in Heaven? Part I

Itamar Moishe’le Berel Schwartz [email protected]; Twitter: @IMSchwarzennager Shiur: The top one-no duh! Plan for life: ??? (ra’bbanus, pre-med or lawyer – what other options are there?) Salary: What’s that? Who I am: What kind of paragraph is this. This is ridiculous. How am I ... Read more →

A Match Made In Heaven? Part II

Ms. Perfect 613 Eidel Maidel Ave. Sunnyville, CA 90209 DOB: Old enough to be mature, but young enough to still know how to have fun. Potty-trained: 18 months! Height: Tall and beautiful, but just a little shorter than you. Family: Qenainah Harah , I have three brothers and two sisters ... Read more →

Breaking News: Man Walks into Stern Beit Midrash

It was a calm morning on Thursday, March 6th in the Stern College 7th floor Beit Midrash. Morning seder was about to begin, and the women of Stern were taking their seats in the Beit Midrash. Then something unusual happened.  Suddenly, completely unannounced and with no forewarning, a man ... Read more →

A Perplexing Guide

How to begin such an analysis?[i] As stated in The Sound of Music, “Start at the very beginning / a very good place to start.”[ii] The beginning of the “Writing Guide” is as follows: “Articles submitted to Kol Hamevaser may be written on topics related or unrelated to the official ... Read more →