Articles by Netanel Paley

Neo-Hassidism and Modern Orthodox Spirituality: A Reappraisal

Part I: Spiritual Climate at Yeshiva University Last year, I wrote an article[1] for this magazine that attempted to unearth, in sweeping, largely utilitarian terms, the philosophical anatomy of Modern Orthodox Neo-Hassidism. While I was fortunate to receive mostly positive feedback on the ... Read more →

Behind the Beards: A Philosophical Survey of Modern Orthodox Neo-Hasidism

  You have seen their flowing beards and pe’ot. You have seen their gartlach (prayer belts) and pocket editions of Sihot Ha-Ran. Perhaps you have even seen them clap and jump in your otherwise uneventful morning minyan. We all call them neo-Hassidim, a term coined to account for the ... Read more →