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The Wartime Activities of R. Barukh Rabinowicz

Recently, I came across a startling paragraph in Yeshayahu Jelinek’s The Carpathian Diaspora: The Jews of Subcarpathian Rus’ and Mukachevo, a book chiefly dealing with the history of the Holocaust in the Carpathian Mountains.[i] In the midst of a paragraph describing his general ... Read more →

Miracles in the Life and Thought of Rabbi Barukh Rabinowicz

It is said that the Munkatcher hassidim have three Rebbes: “The Rebbe Zatsa”l,” “The Rebbe Shelit”a,” and “The Rebbe ye-Mah Shemo. Much is written about “The Rebbe Zatsa”l,” R. Hayyim El’azar Spira, known colloquially as the Minhas Elazar (the title of his responsa),[i] ... Read more →