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BY: Reuven Rand. My editorials for Kol Hamevaser invariably generate controversy from the very lines that strike me as the least controversial. In his letter to the editor, Daniel Danesh castigates me, together with Jack Katzenell of The Independent, for showing “a tremendous lack of ... Read more →

On Bikinis and Earthquakes

It was near the end of the Kol Hamevaser Shabbaton in Teaneck, New Jersey. The forty students who identified with the magazine or simply felt like going out for the Sabbath were congregated in the basement of Congregation Rinat Yisrael for a question and answer session with R. Jeremy Wieder, a ... Read more →

A Guide to Remaining Perplexed

BY: Reuven Rand Certain conversations seem geared toward challenging our assumptions. A few years ago, I sat in a Bible class in which a student challenged the professor about the Hebrews’ culpability for the het ha-egel (the Sin of the Golden Calf). How, he asked, could we blame the Hebrews ... Read more →