Articles by Kimberly Hay

Editor’s Thoughts: What Do We Mean When We Say “Next Year in Jerusalem?”

The first figure in Jewish history to lead the Jewish people from exile to redemption is Moshe. When God tasks him with taking the Jews out of Egypt, he initially tries to shirk his mission by claiming that the Jewish people would not believe him.[i] When Moshe finally appears before Bnei ... Read more →

On Torah Values and the Courage to Rebuild: A Review of The Legacy

Reviewed Book: R. Berel Wein and R. Warren Goldstein, The Legacy: Teachings for Life from the Great Lithuanian Rabbis (New Milford, CT and Jerusalem, Israel: Maggid Books, 2012).  Available for purchase at or via   “Lithuanian Jewry is no more,” writes ... Read more →

“Nowhere But Here”: Becoming Advocates for the Halakhic Prenuptial Agreement

[i] This past summer, I had the privilege to intern at the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA). Although I rarely worked directly with any of the agunot, I was often responsible for answering the office phone, and occasionally a woman would call, asking if ORA could help her. After ... Read more →